August 20, 2009.
Bill Gladstone of the Canadian Jewish News offers a generous review (pdf) of my book. He praises the "sparkling insights" and suggests that the guide "is sure to please lovers of Jewish fiction everywhere."

August 18, 2009.
To celebrate the quickly approaching High Holidays, in the fall edition of CJ, the magazine of Conservative Judaism, I discuss some of the books in American Jewish Fiction that deal with God.

August 9, 2009.
The Sacramento Book Review calls my guidebook "a fascinating guide for anyone familiar with the great American Jewish authors, or anyone who would like to familiarize themselves with their masterpieces."

June 4, 2009.
In the summer edition of Jewish Book World, Hana Wirth-Nesher, a leading scholar of American Jewish literature, reviews my book. "Mapping out a field is an ambitious, risky, and demanding endeavor," she writes. "It is also a valuable achievement when it is carried out with the self-awareness, thoroughness, and verve that characterize Josh Lambert's guide to American Jewish fiction. ... Without the pretense of comprehensiveness, this guide is a pleasure to read, the result of Lambert's wry and breezy style." I contributed an essay, "What Makes a Book Jewish?" (pdf) to the same issue, in which I discuss the always perplexing question of what books count as "Jewish literature."

April 24, 2009.
Sanford Pinsker, a major scholar and wonderful critic, reviews my book and says that "American Jewish Fiction does everything it set out to do, and in the process, accomplishes a great deal more." Meanwhile, I have a short essay about how the book can lead you to some entertainment bargains.

April 8, 2009.
The Canadian Jewish News has a little feature on me and the book in this week's paper.

April 4, 2009.
David Wilk was kind enough to interview me about my book for a podcast, which he has posted at

March 18, 2009.
The editors of asked me to explain how I went about choosing 125 books to include in American Jewish Fiction: A JPS Guide. Curious? Take a look.

February 19, 2009.
Aaron Passman interviewed me about the book for the Phildelphia Jewish Exponent.

February 12, 2009.
The Jewish Herald-Voice, of Houston, Texas, has a short review of my book; it sounds like I introduced their reviewer, Aaron Howard, to a few writers, including Francine Prose, E. M. Broner, and Tillie Olsen.

January 1, 2009.
Some generous advance praise from a terrific novelist and a leading scholar:

“To read Josh Lambert's guide to American Jewish Fiction is to browse a whole library of Baedekers beckoning you to discover the lost continents of one of the richest literatures on any map. An immensely useful and inviting book.”
— Steve Stern, Professor of English, Skidmore College

“Josh Lambert provides a treasure trove of American Jewish fiction in this guide. This collection will hold an important place in any library and will serve as a wonderful volume for reading groups to share.”
— Riv-Ellen Prell, Professor of American Studies, University of Minnesota